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Summer at Blackberry Lane 2017

I’m sorry… did you just say it’s the end of September?  And summer is over?  And it’s only 3 months until Christmas?

I’m not sure how it happened, but it appears it’s true.  Summer is officially over, and my favorite season, fall, has begun.  We’ve been a little quiet on the blog because life at Blackberry Lane over the past few months has had us hopping.

Gardening, hay, canning, welcoming guests, the cycle tour, time with family and attempted vacations made the months fly right by.

Cycle Tour

We spent much of the early part of July planning and prepping for the cycle tour.  It turned out to be one of the rare days this summer that was on the more cold and wet end of the spectrum.  Despite the weather, though, we had a great time and met so many new people!  We sold baking and jams, prepared with our home grown strawberries and haskaps, milkshakes as a nod to the dairy cows on the farm, fresh, pastured eggs and grass-fed beef.  We were really pleased with the day and feel like we learned a lot about what interests our clients and what we would do in the future. And s always… we had so much fun as a group working together and navigating such a busy day!

Hot and dry

Oh my goodness was this summer hot and dry!  These cool September mornings and evenings are especially welcome after our scorching summer.  Our thoughts and prayers often went out to the people displaced by wildfires, and despite the smoke and dry conditions, we felt fortunate that our home and the people we love were safe.

Even though it was so hot and dry, our gardens still thrived, and we got to harvest all sorts of goodness throughout the summer.  We’ve been kept busy to this day with canning and preserving as well.


If there’s one thing we’re really excited for after this summer… it’s our amazing strawberries.  Which, I have to say, are still producing the sweetest, biggest, most flavorful berries!  This is our first year with them and we were knocked off our feet by how well they did.  After the success of this year, we hope to grow even more next year!  We’ve made a lot of strawberry jam and we’ve also frozen lots of these berries for our own use through the winter.  Knowing how good they are, though, we can’t just keep them for ourselves! We want to make sure there’s enough to go around!

Change of pace

Every season brings a change of pace.  On a farm and B&B, the summer pace is hyper-drive.  We worked hard from first thing in the morning until the sun went down.  With all of the crazy, it was so nice to have my husband (a teacher) and the kids home for a couple months.  Our little family got away for a few nights while my parents  kept everything going at the B&B and farm and Kyle’s parents kept the chickens happy and fed.

We spent  few nights camping and enjoying not having anything to do except feed the kids and enjoy some time together.  No matter how much a person loves their work, it feels so good to take the pressure off every once in a while.  This is part of the reason we love operating a B&B.  It is so nice to be a quiet place for people to retreat and find some peace and quiet.

Now fall is here and the pace is changing again.  Routine is settling in, and there’s something comforting about that.  School is back in and it’s getting dark earlier.  These quiet nights lit by the moon and stars force us to stop working earlier and quietly enjoy the evenings.

Here’s to you

Thank you for being a part of our lives.  Whether it’s as a client or customer, guest, social media follower, friend or family member… just thanks.  We hope that you got some time to breathe and re-charge this summer.  We hope that your summer was filled with laughs, family and friends.  As we shift into fall, we hope you are facing it with optimism, hope and excitement.  We hope adventure finds you and that the comfort of the people and places you love surrounds you.  And… we hope to see you soon!


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