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The Next Chapter Begins… in Disneyland!

Trip to Disneyland

Something unreal happened to our little family. And it happened at a moment when we were about to make changes in our life and start a whole new chapter. At the exact moment we were looking for a page break,  we won a trip to DISNEYLAND!

When I got the call that we had won, I thought for sure it was a prank call.  I almost hung up.  We didn’t even realize we were entered into a draw through our credit union.


The timing of this trip was incredible.  We knew there were going to be some changes for our business happening at the end of February, so this trip to Disneyland acted as the perfect “in-between” before the start of a next chapter.

We knew that we wanted to take our kids to Disneyland, but we figured that day was far off.  Our children are 5, 3 and 1 and while Kyle and I don’t try to punish ourselves (I mean… create beautiful memories), by taking the kids to lots of activities, we knew Disneyland was an exception to our rule!

On February 8th, we walked into Vancouver airport.  It was a big deal for Kyle and I because we don’t get the chance to travel often.  In fact, we’ve each only flown a couple of times, when we were young, so walking into the airport was very foreign for us to say the least.

Our hotel (Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park Entrance) was amazing!

It had two queen size beds, a bunk bed and they brought up a crib for Emilene.  Our room was on the fourth floor with a patio that looked over a waterpark. The kids absolutely loved it.  Emilene even met a cute little boy there (probably two years old) that she giggled at and chased around the water park.  Should we be a little worried about the teen years…? Best not to think of that.

Waterpark in DisneylandKyle, Weston and Walker spent a lot of time at the water park during Emilene’s afternoon naps.  This may have been my favourite part of the vacation since it gave me the opportunity to do a lot of reading in silence.  As a mother of three, this was a truly beautiful thing.

Disneyland is just as good as advertised.  You walk in and feel transported back in time.

The best part was that you just feel safe.  I think I could have left $1000 cash out in the open with a “take me” sign, and people still would not take it.

We felt totally secure leaving the stroller and diaper bag wherever while we went on rides.  We tried to hit all the rides that the kids could do, but there’s just SO MUCH.

Even with five whole days, we didn’t get to see all of Disneyland and California Adventure.

Disney Character rideWeston and Walker were such good sports through all the walking and waiting in line – much better than I expected! At first, they jumped on each ride without fear, but once they figured out what ‘really’ happened on a roller-coaster, they were a bit more cautious.

They loved the characters and the music and the warmth.

Although, these Canadian kids didn’t really know how to handle all that sunshine…

Emilene was a bit of a different story.  She was 21 months when we went to Disneyland, so she obviously figured she was all grown up and didn’t need a stroller or her parents.  All she wanted to do was walk on her own. In the middle of the path. Surrounded by thousands of people. People who didn’t look down to see this tiny little person by their feet saying “hi” and waving with all the charm she could muster.

Maybe this is because back home she hadn’t been able to walk outside for two months since the snow was taller than her.  No matter the reason, her determination to be independent was a challenge.

With PoohEven with the challenge of our little lady, the experience was more than we could have imagined.  One morning we attended a character breakfast at the Plaza Inn with “Minnie and Friends.”

Walker was fascinated by the characters, but wouldn’t go near them.  Emilene bonded with Minnie Mouse.  And Weston acted like he’d been best buddies with all the characters for years and would make jokes and casual small talk with them while shoving as many all you can eat waffles down his throat as humanly possible.

At the end of 5 beautiful days, we made the trip home, with only the loss of a sippy cup…  Which is probably hanging out at The Cheesecake Factory in Anaheim. We made it all the way to Disneyland and back without a hitch, only to get stuck in a snow drift in our own driveway trying to get to the house. Not a bad track record at all. While we struggled to get out of the snow drift, we could see our amazingly helpful and supportive neighbours sitting at their kitchen table pointing and laughing – Thanks, Mom and Dad.  We can feel the love.

Blackberry Lane Winter 2017

We just want to say, Thank you so much to Envision Credit Union and Travel Best Bets for making this happen. And now that we know how to use an airport… we can’t wait to go exploring!

Now that we’re home from Disneyland, we’re hard at work on the farm and feel so fulfilled by the work we do.  Our adventure in Disneyland was the perfect start to this new chapter in our lives.

And so the next chapter begins. The pages keep filling and turning, and we love every minute of it.

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