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Let’s hear it for the boys.

Some of you may think that we eat, sleep and breathe all things Blackberry Lane B&B and Farm.  But the truth is, all of us here wear many hats.  Marlene (my mom) is the one who holds this farm together on a daily basis, because she’s the one that’s here- day in and day out.  I’m here almost every day, but I also work as a nurse.  However, I’ve reduced my hours to be with the kids and on the farm more.  But the boys, Andy (my dad) and Kyle (my husband), work full time off the farm in addition to what they do here.  They are hard-working men of high character.  Let’s hear it for the boys.

Day Jobs

My dad has held a wide variety of jobs over the years.  I’m not exaggerating.  He has been a hoof-trimmer, a cattle-hauler, a dairy farmer, a private investigator, a semi-truck driver and now he drives a fuel truck.  What can we say.  He is one of those people that believes variety is the spice of life.

Kyle has been working for almost 10 years as a high-school teacher.  This is the only off-farm career he has ever held.  I often ask him what he would be if he ever decided to quit teaching (not likely).  He says he would like to be a professional putterer. He’d be a good putterer.

There’s More to Life

They’re busy doing their day jobs.  But inside both of them there’s a desire to serve God, the earth and their families with every moment.  To them it’s not about clocking in, counting the hours, clocking out and then putting their feet up to relax and watch TV.

For Kyle and Andy, they also get satisfaction from the work they do after their regular jobs are done.  Feeding their animals and making sure water is fresh. Rotating buffalo and chickens to fresh pasture.  Making hay and putting it up.  Digging gardens and pulling weeds.  It’s knowing that the land they farm is better for the work they do and the animals they keep are ethically kept and of the very highest quality.  These men work their 40 hours away from home and then work nearly that many at home, after hours.  The work they do is good.  This is work that has meaning… it is seen and it is appreciated.

It doesn’t stop there, because for true character to be present, there must be evidence of it in all areas of life.  In between it all, they’re husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, friends and community members.  Their priorities are for the ones they love and they love them well.  They are there for play, they are there for learning, they are there for laughing, they are there for tears and they are there for prayers.  These men are present. They are checked-in.  They are loving and they are loved.  This one’s for the boys.

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