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The Best Medicine for Your Body and Soul…

Spring Crocuses at the B & B

It seems that spring has sprung, and we could not be any happier about that!  Seriously. Spring is the medicine that cures the winter blues in a hurry.

This last winter was long.  Like, L-O-N-G long. And that was kind of hard for me as a southern British Columbian.

DaisyI know a lot of you British Columbians feel the same way.

Not only was the winter long, but it also left us some damage around the farm. Our beautiful strawberry boxes were toppled by wind and snow drifts.  The garden has only been out from underneath snow for a few weeks now.

And the winter carrots and beets?

Well… They’re chicken food after living under 14 feet of snow for a few months.  The biggest snow drift we had this year landed perfectly on top of our main vegetable garden and just hung out for a full three months.  Good times.

We can finally feel the goodness of spring all around us. The beautiful purple crocuses have started poking their way through the cold, hard ground and the daffodils are a welcome sight.

Cows in pasture at Blackberry Lane FarmOur chickens are kicking their egg production into high gear (they love them some sunshine) and the cows and water buffalo- yes, I did say water buffalo- are so excited to spend some more time out on pasture now that the wind and snow have gone.

What do I love most about spring?

Being outside and enjoying all that amazing stuff!  There is no better feeling than watching the kids run and play on soft green grass under a bright blue sky.

It just feels so good to be in the sunshine.  I think there’s a part built into each of us humans that craves the outdoors.  There is no greater peace to be found than being out with the sun on your skin listening to the bird’s sing.  It does the body and soul good.

Blackberry Lane Bed and Breakfast doorI hope you are enjoying spring just as much as we are.

And if you’re finding yourself in a place right now- physically or emotionally- where you’re having trouble embracing the beauty that spring is offering- visit us here at Blackberry Lane Bed and Breakfast.

Shut off your phone.

Find a quiet spot.

Close your eyes and just breathe it all in.

I promise there’s more than enough fresh air to go around.  And we love to share.

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