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Andy and Marlene WoudaHi! We are your hosts, Andy and Marlene Wouda. We are so excited that you have chosen to visit our home, our B&B.

We have owned and lived on this property for over twenty years. Our five children grew up here and as a family, we operated a small dairy farm.

This place holds so many memories for us; memories of our children riding their first bike, their first horse, and catching frogs in the creek until sundown.

Memories of us all star gazing until late in the evening, family get together’s, and the smells of home baking coming from the oven.

After many years of hard work and after watching our children grow, move out, go to school, and get married, we made a decision to sell most of our cows and build this B&B.

The Wouda family at Blackberry Lane B&B
We had a dream… that more families, and more couples, will have precious moments here.

Come stay with us and make your own country memories!

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5877 Limbert Road
Agassiz, BC V0M 1A1

(604) 796-9875

No Pets Allowed